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Train the Trainer Program

Key Objectives:

  • To improve personal / professional effectiveness and competitiveness by developing Communication & Presentation skills through training to enhance Training delivery.

  • To sensitize participants, improve confidence & build a more positive, responsible attitude by overcoming mind blocks & learning concrete behaviours supporting and destroying quality training performance.


It is one thing to know the subject and quite another to explain it to someone else! This highly practical workshop will provide participants with the skills required to train others effectively and in a way that motivates them to learn. More than just a presentation skills course, this workshop will offer details of their training styles as well as practical guidance on how to timetable a training event and keep participants interested and involved throughout.

Phase 1 – Training Need Identification by Seeing & Hearing oneself Train/Teach

Revisiting a training programme and skill building of the participants.

  • Listening to your voice and practicing the techniques that will help in effective voice modulation (Audio taping)
  • Seeing yourself perform & checking effective body language (Video Taping)
Phase II – Designing Your Training Modules

This is the most crucial phase where all the participants will design their own training modules. This phase will build the skill to successfully handle various modules of their workshops. All doubts will get cleared and there will be a rigorous process participants will undergo to design their training modules. In this phase the participants will develop the structure of their modules, identify their mistakes and correct them through faculty feedback & discussions. Here the participants will also create their own faculty guide in detail with all the time lines. This will become the master guide for each trainer that will give all that is required

Phase III – Pedagogies & Training Skills Enhancement Workshop

  • How Adults Learn
  • How do you open a presentation and ensure that the participants are with you from the very beginning
  • Self - Grooming
  • Training Styles
  • Managing Fear /How to use nervous energy to your advantage
  • Interacting with Learners
  • Adapting to Learners
  • Do's and Don'ts
  • Clarity and Simplicity
  • Using Questioning /Probing
  • Using Media
  • Using Humor / Having Fun
  • Dealing with Difficult Learners
  • Training / Teaching Aids - their advantages and disadvantages
  • Training room seating arrangements
  • Giving & seeking information
  • Building the learning
  • Summarizing
  • Supporting
  • Testing Understanding
  • Maintaining and enhancing the self – esteem of participants
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Building relationships with the participants
  • Gaining respect & trust of all participants
  • Giving & accepting feedback

Phase 1V –Seeing & Hearing yourself Train again

Revisiting training performance & making self observation on improvement of training skills.

This will cover the again following in details:

  • Listening to your voice and & review of effective voice modulation (Audio taping)
  • Seeing yourself perform and observing effective body language (Video Taping)

In this phase there will be review and one to one coaching if required, on basis of observation & feedback inputs from Core Excellence faculty.

Each workshop day will reflect good training practices by modeling good presentation skills, being interactive, encouraging discussion and active involvement in individual and group exercises with simulated real training situations and discussions and presentation to peers.

Participants will leave the workshop not only with the knowledge of new approaches to training, but with the experience of applying and practicing effective training techniques.

By the end of the workshop some of the major improvements that will be seen

  • Improved presentation skills
  • More interactive training sessions
  • Better handling of participants
  • Better handling of queries
  • Improved probing techniques
  • Understand their training styles
  • Give right feedback to the participants
  • More positive body language

PHASE V –Conducting an actual workshop & getting feedback

Here the participants will independently handle their workshops with Observation & Feedback inputs from Core Excellence Faculty. In this phase there will be review and one to one coaching if required.

Train the Trainer programs are customised for corporate organizations along with other HR training and employee training in Delhi Gurgaon , Noida , Greater Noida , Ghaziabad , Faridabad , Manesar in NCR, Bangalore , Chennai , Hyderabad , Mumbai , Pune , Ahmedabad , Kolkatta in India Chandigarh , Jaipur , Lucknow in North India , Kabul in Afghanistan and Kathmandu in, Nepal