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This Training Prog. covers Managing Stress that starts at home, work-life balance, and the benefits of channeling stress in productive ways. Stressful events are a part of everyone's life, and often are beyond our control. “Managing Stress” is a practical approach that talks about what can cause stress---having too much responsibility and too little time; feeling powerless, anxious and upset;

lacking organization; blaming ourselves or others, etc. The program relates that continual stress can result in negative physical consequences, such as high blood pressure, ulcers, and increased risk of heat attack. Participants will learn ways to deal effectively with stress, including taking internal control of one's reaction to stressful situations. Specific methods of coping are presented, using real-life examples participants will find familiar. By following these suggestions, participants will learn to make positive choices for themselves that will result in greater personal satisfaction and productivity.

Activities cover
  • Understanding Mind Body Connection 
  • Identifying the various forms of Stress
  • Examining the different sources of stress and the impact on people and their performance
  • Deciding which types of people may be susceptible to stress
  • Examining the kinds of coping strategies that individuals and groups use and how these strategies affect performance
Personal Stress & Well-being Assessment:

Understanding the nature of stress at a detailed level is the basis upon which we can start to manage it effectively. The Personal Stress and Well-being Assessments provide a simple but thorough process by which we can better understand our own stress handling skills. Quizzes and handouts on Self rating of nerves, spirits and life outlook test employees’ knowledge before and after training.

Defusing Stress Emotions:  Fear

In most cases, fear can be a healthy emotion -- however, when fear escalates into anxiety, it can have adverse effects on our ability to carry out our daily functions. This section provides crucial tips for coping with new fears and concerns and maintaining productivity in the face of danger.

  • Visiting the 'emotional gym' to effectively manage fear and stress
  • How to control the impact of fear in the workplace
  • Acknowledging and moving beyond fear
  • The Anatomy of Anger
  • Creative Anger Strategies

Overcoming Stress

Stress on the job is a triple-“A” threat to your business — leading to Accidents, Absences, and business busting hostile Attitudes toward co-workers and customers. This section reveals valuable information about the human mind and body that can help turn one into an "Anxiety Analyst" and control much of the stress one feels everyday at work and at home. "Overcoming Stress at Work” helps one identify one’s own stresses, teaches the physical symptoms of stress-and relays positive mental-changing techniques to overcome non-positive stress once and for all.

Dealing with Stress – The Holistic Approach

  • Physical signs of stress
  • Diet, exercise, attitude, behavior

Feeling strong and well-rested will not only make happier people — but makes them better workers too.


  1. Breathing
  2. Meditation
  3. Yoga
  4. Mental Imagery and Visualizations
  5. Music Therapy
  6. Massage Therapy 
  7. Progressive Muscular Relaxation


  9. Creative Problem Solving
  10. Communication Skills
  11. Time Management
  12. Cognitive Restructuring
  13. Diary Writing
  14. Art Therapy
  15. Humor Therapy


  17. Information Seeking
  18. Social Engineering

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