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Business Development professionals are the ambassadors of an organization. They can contribute to the bottom line of the organization by converting queries to sales, besides ensuring that the customer has a satisfying experience. They perform a crucial boundary spanning activity, translating consumer needs into future changes in the organization, and at the same time, marketing the product/services and the organization in itself through their actions. A business development professional must learn to function as an expert consultant who has the skills and patience to first identify what the customer really needs and wants, and then help him obtain it.

  1. To build on existing business development techniques & developing these skills & strategies further
  2. Fine tune specific skills sets & equip participants with the necessary competence and attitude to maximize sales and create long-term customer loyalty.
  3. Introduce  modern techniques of the Sales   Process covering all the key business processes
  4. Examine the personality traits and characteristics which a professional business development professional must have.
  5. To encourage participants to think more strategically about their approach to business development.
  6. Take advantage of the importance of a value approach in building a successful customer partnership.
  7. To develop an awareness of the importance of analysis, research and forward thinking.
  8. Utilize interviewing skills to listen to clients instead of pitching products/services.
  9. Work with the needs of different types of buyers in order to offer something each one recognizes as valuable to him or her.
  10. Understand how to differentiate product/service and company in a competitive selling environment.
  11. Offer creative solutions and options that please the customer and boost your profit
  12. Understand the buying process and different buying patterns of different customers
  13. To ensure that each individual has a clear understanding of the importance of their role in the overall business development process & to help them to appreciate the contribution they are making to an organization’s revenue generation.
  14. Understanding the lifetime value of a customer and customer service as a strategic tool for business succes

SALES TRAINING PROGRAMS METHODOLOGY - Using a fast-paced, multi-faceted training approach that combines short lectures, interactive small groups, role-play, and personal coaching, the facilitator will provide plenty of hands on practice to gain confidence in the new business development skills. Participants will learn about the psychology of selling, listening and interviewing skills, and a way to basically let the customer handle the close and be excited to do it. As participants learn to identify what the customer truly values, they will also discover techniques for delivering the real value he is looking for. Instead of just being a walking brochure, participants will learn how to become a trusted friend and earn a business relationship that can last a long time.

High Recall Solutions - - The corporate training and development workshops are engaging and experiential, with a strong emphasis on “learning by doing and feeling”. The employee training program is designed to be basic, clear and easily understandable by using real-life scenarios from the organization that participants can relate to from their own business environment.

The employee training and development programs use - lectures, discussions, knowledge building case studies, self-assessments, personal reflections, highly interactive group & individual skills exercises, activities, challenges & games etc. to focus on the practical implement ability of the concepts These corporate training and development programs are highly practical and interactive in nature, in which participants become comfortable with the language and activities presented in the course. Participants explore the techniques that are designed to address the needs of all kinds of customers and are encouraged to personalize the concepts for their own use. The programs use fun as an essential tool for imparting soft skills training.


This is a unique, proven performance enhancement module to increase skills and consistency in every aspect .It provides the motivation and skills to perform at peak levels at all times & to ensure that the new skills become long-term habits. This can be supported by a host of Negotiation, Presentation, Communication, Customer Service, & Business Etiquette activities as may be necessary and appropriate to ensure complete success.

The Changing World of Business Development in the new economy

  • Business Development  as an Art and a Science, with an emphasis on practicing Agility to enhance Performance

 Relationship Selling

  • Discovering how to  start  a business relationship which can yield rich rewards


  • Mental Attitudes of  Business Development Champions
  • Believing in Oneself
  • The importance of trying to understand others & developing skills and tactics to get along better  while working with them

 The Buying process

  • To understand the stages that the customer goes through before making a “BUY” decision.

 The selling process

  • Discover the selling process and how this maps into the buying process

Starting a consultative business relationship

  • To  be able to effectively  make  good first impressions on the prospect/customer and project the right image of  the organization

 Developing the relationship - Discovering Why/What Customers Buy

  • To be effectively able to Identify/understand/develop the ‘needs’ of the customer and the buying criteria so that you can effectively position the product.

 Selling Styles

  •  To identify individual styles ,understand the importance of correct style & develop the relevant skills for the right style

Presenting Your Service/Product with Confidence and Competence

  • Understanding and effectively using the power of features & benefits
  • To convert ‘features’ of your offerings into tangible benefits for the clients and hence be in a position to convince the client.

Objection handling

  • To  develop skills to handle customer objections
  • Adding value and managing price question

Problem Solver vs. Provider of Stuff Approach

  • How to help customer so that he sees you as a solution provider.

Completion and Partnering:

  • To understand and develop the skills to close a sale.
  • Getting commitment & staying committed

Personal Action Planning -The faculty will facilitate in the preparation of the individual action plans of the participants where by the learning is broken down into activities that the participants will perform when they get back to their workplaces. This aids in the learning being implemented in their daily work schedules.


At the end of the programmes the participants will –

  1. Understand the selling process stages
  2. Understand the co -relation between the buying process and the selling process.
  3. Understand the importance & adopt & implement components of these  processes
  4. Probe to understand /create  needs of the clients
  5. Handle client objections effectively
  6. Build value in the clients mind while interacting
  7. Up sell and cross sell with existing clients
  8. Develop excellent relationship with the clients
  9. Leverage on past successes
  10. Understand the buying signals given by the prospective customer


Participants will leave the workshops feeling more resourceful, prepared with specific techniques that they can implement immediately to manage and resolve or help others to resolve their own workplace issues successfully. They will operate out of more ownership, responsibility & accountability.

These Sales Training and other Training and Development programs like Soft Skills Training, Corporate Training are customized for Employee Training in Delhi , Gurgaon, Noida, Greater Noida, Ghaziabad , Faridabad, Manesar in NCR Mumbai, Pune ,Ahmedabad ,Bangalore ,Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkatta in India , Chandigarh, Jaipur, Lucknow in North India besides Kabul in Afghanistan and Kathmandu in Nepal,