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The Need

The Organized retail space is emerging as one of the fastest growing industries The advertising and marketing that is done for the brands brings customers into the store, but how well that increased traffic translates into increased sales is largely dependent on the skill and motivation of the people in the stores.

Sales /customer service persons at the counter are the ambassadors of a retail outlet. They can contribute to the bottom line of the store by converting queries to sales, besides ensuring that the customer has a satisfying shopping experience. Retail persons perform a crucial boundary spanning activity, translating consumer needs into future changes in the organization, and at the same time, marketing the product/services and the retail entity in itself through their actions. Well-trained, groomed, effective associates can make a significant difference to retail profitability and customer satisfaction.

Core Excellence - a company, which knows what it takes to be successful & understands the dynamics of managing in a retail environment, is committed to the cause of organizational excellence through development and delivery of practical training programs & quality business consulting .It proudly presents

“Loyal for life” - a long-term, complete, integrated retail skills development program to develop the selling skills of retail staff, boost the customer service levels, create a more positive atmosphere & differentiate your store from the others.

“Loyal for life” is a high-yield, results-driven, world class, retail sales, customer service & management training program. The intensive training workshops covering all the key business processes, fine tune specific retail skill sets & equip sales staff and supervisors with the necessary competence and attitude to maximize sales and create long-term customer loyalty.

“Loyal for life” is a specially designed retail development and support program customized to specific business and environment .It is a comprehensive nation-wide retail skills training program, which through its unique training program design, superior content, and motivating delivery has made a measurable difference wherever it has been conducted.

Learning Objectives:

  • Introduce modern techniques of retail selling
  • Add value by 3 Cs: - Commitment, Competence and Confidence
  • Ensure success by an understanding of and, a commitment to, a pro-active
  • customer selling philosophy
  • Develop new and empowering habits and replace existing habits that limit both
  • positive customer experiences and sales.
  • Save time, energy, and talent by improving the entire” People Side” of job.

Target Audience –

  • All Team leaders, Supervisors & Retail/Store Managers.
  • All full-time and part-time Front line Retail Sales Professionals -Sales staff, Sales associates

Workshop Outlines –

The material is presented in segments in a series addressing the key components.However, it may be adapted readily depending on client needs, expectations and the level of skill and training of participants.

The groups will achieve the above-mentioned objectives by learning behaviors through the following combination of modules targeted at development of skills and attitudes.

1. All Team leaders, Supervisors & Retail/Store Managers.


Key Objectives:

  • Dimensions of leadership - task-structure and human-relations orientations.
  • Explain why intangible people resources can provide a more competitive advantage.
  • How to be people oriented
  • Describe the various management problems involved in retail selling & customer service
  • Explain how to select ,motivate, coach, develop , manage & evaluate employees
  • Problem Solving, Goal setting & Time Management


Motivating the staff to work better on Retail Sales & Customer Service Processes, Personal Grooming & Etiquette

The role of Managers is seen as successful if they can encourage, persuade or develop their people in such ways as to improve their effectiveness. Increasingly, as managers have to be super professionals in addition to their managerial responsibilities, it is even more important that this motivation is achieved by Store Managers through -

  • Understanding key Dimensions of Retail Business, Sales Process, Customer Service, Personal Grooming & Etiquette for staff
  • Developing a clear vision, encouraging initiative & right work behaviors, providing direction, managing & correcting employees' mistakes effectively, rewarding effort & using effective communication skills to get messages and motivation across clearly on all above.

This is supported by a host of coaching, interpersonal, relationship building, problem solving, time management & goal setting activities as may be necessary and appropriate to ensure complete success.

Coaching Employees - A Partnership Approach

With a lot of focus placed on individual empowerment and skills development in the workplace today, it is imperative to develop the ability to coach staff.

This session is for Store managers to develop a people-focused style of management through effective coaching skills. Participants will learn how to build individual and team performance through coaching and support techniques.

Building Relationships

  • Identifying emotional needs of customers & team members
  • Creating a success culture by design in the teams
  • Understanding the science of successful relationships
  • Understanding the Mantra for creating win-win relationships
Encouraging Teamwork, Cooperation & Resolving Conflicts
  • Enhancing and improving the way of relating in our working life, for more effective interactions.
  • Identify and discuss the key characteristics of effective Interpersonal Skills.
  • Assess potential and real barriers to successful use of interpersonal skills and set
  • personal development objectives.
  • Minimize conflicts by clarifying issues and building effective interpersonal relations.

Problem Solving

Isolating the kinds of problems commonly faced.
Osborn-Parnes Creative Problem-Solving process -

  • Objective finding
  • Fact finding
  • Problem finding
  • Idea finding
  • Solution finding
  • Acceptance finding
Time Management & Goal Setting
  • Analyzing where one stands on managing time as of today
  • Identifying where to begin
  • How do attitudes, goal setting, priorities, planning, scheduling, organizing, interruptions, meetings, paper work, delegation, procrastination impact time management

2. All full-time and part-time front line Retail Sales & Customer Care professionals, staff & associates

Understanding Retailing

Perspectives in Retailing

  • Understand what is involved in a retail career and be able to list the prerequisites necessary for success in retailing.

Retail Strategic Planning and Operations

  • Describe the retail strategic planning and operation management model, which explains the various tasks and how they lead to profit.

Retail Customers

  • Explain the importance of changing population, social & economic trends and their effect on retailing.
  • Discuss the consumer shopping/purchasing model, including the key stages in the shopping/purchasing process.

Evaluating the Competition in Retailing

  • The demand & supply side of retailing
  • The retail life cycle
  • Describe the changes that could affect retail competition

Retail Sales Process

Sales Process is a unique, proven performance enhancement module to increase employees’ skills and consistency in every aspect of the sales process It provides the motivation and skills to perform at peak levels at all times & to ensure that the new skills become long-term habits.

  • Approach & greetings
  • The power of first impression
  • Discovering why people visit your outlet
  • Asking questions and listening patiently
  • Presenting with confidence and competence
  • Controlling objections & problems
  • Suggesting substitute/additional products
  • The ultimate closing

Characteristics of a Top Retail Salesperson

The Importance of Retail Customer Service –

In an era when competitors carry the same products at similar prices, customer service is often the key differentiator. This light-hearted, yet powerful, session introduces basic, skills for creating, building and maintaining customer loyalty while maximizing sales from existing traffic. It teaches simple yet crucial customer service principles for perfect customer service.
  • Understanding customer’s motivation, personality, behavior, attitude, perception & decision making
  • Different types of customers & different situations
  • What do customers need
  • Treating customers with respect
  • Customer service from a customer's viewpoint
  • Developing the right customers, offering customers a compelling value proposition & building long-term profitable relationships.

Personal Grooming & Etiquette –

Excellent customer service and satisfaction is in large part a human transaction, where personality is conveyed. How this personality is conveyed can often make the difference between the customer’s positive or negative perception of staff and the store.

This session will equip the participants with the tools they need to project a positive personality and empower them to deliver exceptional levels of customer service, ensuring their own success as a service professional & success as a service oriented organisation. Excellent manners whether while using the telephone or face to face are essential to make oneself memorial in the best way.

Communication Skills –

An interactive experience, which examines interpersonal communication and customer relationships from different angles. Participants learn new tools and techniques for communicating effectively, interpreting and maximizing non-verbal Signals- Body Language, Posture, Gesture, Movement, Facial Expression, Eye contact & Distance.

As one the leading training companies in India it has organized many retail training programs in Delhi NCR i.e. Gurgaon , Noida , Greater Noida , Ghaziabad , Manesar , Faridabad and cities like Mumbai , Pune , Ahmedabad in West India, Banagalore , Chennai & Hyderabad in South India , Kolkatta in East besides cities of North India like Chandigarh , Jaipur , Lucknow , Internationally several client organizations have been catered in Kabul in Afghanistan & Kathmandu in Nepal.