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A Background Note

Everyone in this world wants to be successful – both in personal as well as professional life. Two of the simplest and the most powerful forces that can help us achieve success are Knowledge and Action! In today’s world, every organization is trying to focus on how to make their employees more competent, how to improve their productivity, how to make them better team players and how to make them more optimistic. For most people it just ends with the long list of how to…

Building Winning Attitudes is a strategic workshop for instilling Positive Attitudes & Organization Behaviour. These workshops not only focus on how to produce the results but also increase the quality of life that the participants will appreciate.

These workshops have emerged from years of studying the patterns of success and patterns of failure. Clearly what shows up are some attitudes, which really make the difference. But even the knowledge is futile if there is no consistent action. These workshops would create the momentum to move forward and produce the desired results.

PROGRAM OBJECTIVES – Building Winning Attitudes & Positive Behaviour

Understanding of ones individual strengths and weaknesses is a two step process - first step is self analysis and second step is working out an action plan by each participant. Building Winning Attitudes is an experiential developmental workshop. These are highly interactive workshop based on games, activities and exercises through which participants look inward and outward and focus on exposing participants to the various aspects of approaching things positively by learning to understand, interpret & master their thoughts, words & actions .

These Workshops address the following aspects –

  • Understanding self and knowing ones strengths and areas of improvement
  • Showing more ownership and responsibility of their actions
  • Increased personal initiative and contribution towards company’s goals
  • Association of success with cooperation & communication
  • Creating win- win situations
  • Harnessing individual skills & capabilities – Respecting limitations
  • Trust in self and others
  • Being more effective in dealing with others
  • Succeeding with internal and external relationships
  • Enhancing communication, understanding others & building positive perceptions

Challenges of Winning Work Attitudes & Positive Organizational Behaviors
  • Understanding what attitudes are, what are the various types of attitudes, where do they come from, how are they communicated & who is in charge of our attitudes!
  • How our Attitude determines our Altitude & the effects of positive & winning attitudes…
  • The forces that shape our attitudes & actions - What motivates us to behave in a certain way, understanding our needs, passions, the principles of pain & pleasure & the role of our belief systems.
  • Characteristics and qualities of good work attitudes & our attitude towards our jobs
  • Rating our workplace attitudes - Evaluation to identify skills and personality strengths through personal attitudes mapping.
  • Recognizing our strengths and managing the weaknesses.
  • Developing the passion to succeed
  • Developing the art of self-motivation
Using A Positive Mental Attitude To Get What You Want
  • The importance of a positive attitude
  • Developing & maintaining a positive mental attitude
  • Giving yourself the gift of positive self-talk and positive affirmations
  • Building a positive attitude toward yourself
  • Being a winner
  • Dynamics of success.
  • Realize that we end up with more reasons than results and we have to have a mindset of generating more results than reasons to create success as defined by self
  • Explore the qualities required to generate more results
  • Arrive at the importance of being unstoppable – ability to act come what may
Transforming Negative Attitudes
  • Knowing the difference between controllable & uncontrollable
  • Choosing our attitudes & maintaining a positive perspective
  • Making plans to change the controllable things
  • Finding positives for those that are uncontrollable.
  • Working towards a more positive thought process & building positive beliefs through the - The Art Of Reframing
Others and Your Attitude - Ingredients of successful relationships
  • Paradigms of human interaction … Courage vs. Consideration
  • The mantra for creating win-win relationships
  • Attitude of Adaptability: Recognition of and respect for diversity & valuing the differences
  • The process of synergizing
  • The role of positive interpretations in interpersonal relationships
  • Understanding our/everyone’ emotional needs & the emotional bank account
  • The attitude and skill of empathic listening
  • Attitude of Integrity
  • Workplace rights and responsibilities
  • Your attitudes toward your co-workers/ customers/clients
  • The three dimensions of Attitude Renewal – Physical. Mental & Social/Emotional
  • Creating workplace reality together
  • Developing personal action plans around current professional challenges and the strengths to be used to overcome them


The participants on successful completion of the Workshops will:
  • Demonstrate higher levels of optimism, energy and result orientation
  • Manage to overcome the battle between reasons and results.
  • Have ability to deal with personal, team and organizational adversities.
  • Start working on developing new empowering beliefs about self, teams & organization.
  • Establish emotional connectivity with others.
  • Operate out of the core strengths of self, team and the organization.
  • Have greater sense of integrity in all transactions
  • Generate greater amount of trust, openness & understanding in their relationships.
  • Demonstrate higher level of commitment towards self, work , team & organization
  • Demonstrate greater level of emotional control in negative situations.
  • Become unstoppable in meeting their own goals

Each module is customized keeping in mind the learning dynamics of each target group. The workshops are designed to be basic, clear and easily understandable. The program features:

  • Engaging content.
  • Strong emphasis on business scenarios from the work environment that participants can relate to.
  • Team activities and challenges.
  • Simulations and role-plays.
  • Partnership activities.
  • Self-assessments questionnaires and personal reflections.
  • Customized delivery.
  • Highly interactive with participative discussions around real life issues.
  • Management games.
  • Case studies.
  • Application around live problems
  • Skill development with individual and group exercises.

As one the leading training companies in India it has organized many positive attitude training programs in Delhi NCR i.e. Gurgaon , Noida , Greater Noida , Ghaziabad , Manesar , Faridabad and cities like Mumbai , Pune , Ahmedabad in West India, Banagalore , Chennai & Hyderabad in South India , Kolkatta in East besides cities of North India like Chandigarh , Jaipur , Lucknow , Internationally several client organizations have been catered in Kabul in Afghanistan & Kathmandu in Nepal.