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The programs will enable participants to -

  • Have a clear understanding of collaborative negotiations as well as the concept of win/win;
  • Define their own preferred Negotiation Style;
  • To read other people, see other points of view, identify and express their own as well as their partner’s underlying needs;
  • To apply helpful techniques for collaborative negotiations;


The programs will have the passion and intensity of the interactive format with an emphasis on attendee participation with role-plays, case studies & Presentations , their analysis, questionnaires, games and sharing of real life examples & practice exercises . It will provide the participants with the needed exposure as to how one negotiates on strength.  The role-plays will drive home what are helpful and unhelpful attitudinal traits that make or mar a deal.


Understanding Negotiation –
  • What is negotiation
  • What is required for a successful negotiation
  • How effective a negotiator am I?
  • How is Negotiation different from Bargaining
  • How is Negotiation different from Bargaining
Negotiation and preparation –
  • How to set your objective
  • Establishing your fall back position
  • Identifying issues and priorities
  • Setting of limits and targets

Learning to be in client’s shoes exploring theirs exacting needs and expectation

  • Preparing outline of key information - Their Main Interests / Positions, Variables – Optimum / Minimum, Arguments for / against each, Trade-offs / Concessions ,Reservation Price
Variables and values–
  • Importance of planning during negotiations
  • How to ‘trade off variables’.
  • Configuring variables to address other’s exacting needs and expectation
Modern effective approaches to negotiating –
  • What are the types of Negotiation and which one of these is effective in what all situations
  • Improving negotiation skills to influence and work towards solutions
  • Creating a mindset of thinking win-win
  • Practice on thinking win-win
Behavioral skills required for effective negotiations –
  • Practicing those behaviors which lead to successful negotiations
  • What is the most effective way of stating a disagreement
Personal Power & how to increase it
  • What is Power and how to prepare and plan for power?
  • Where does the power lie?
  • Behaviour for maximizing power & what is the best way of using Power during Negotiations
Some Negotiation Tactics
  • Understanding key tactics for effective negotiations
Dealing with Price
  • Overcoming the price objection
The Closing Stages
  • Approaching with caution
Practicing negotiations
  • Practice session on what ever has been learnt so far
  • By the end of the workshop participants will be comfortable in effective negotiation strategies, leading to win-win outcomes.
  • Will develop their personal action plan on how to negotiate effectively in future communications;
  • Each participating person/team will have developed a negotiation strategy for a real up-coming case

These Negotiation Skills Training Courses and other Training and Development programs like Soft Skills Training, Corporate Training are customized for Employee Training in Delhi , Gurgaon, Noida, Greater Noida, Ghaziabad , Faridabad, Manesar in NCR Mumbai, Pune ,Ahmedabad ,Bangalore ,Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkatta in India , Chandigarh, Jaipur, Lucknow in North India besides Kabul in Afghanistan and Kathmandu in Nepal,