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Customer service is the ability of an organization to constantly and consistently give the customer what they want and need. Excellent Customer Service is the ability of an organization to constantly and consistently exceed the customer's expectations. Customer is always right!! And it’s true of every industry. If we don’t take care of our customers, someone else will.


To improve personal /professional effectiveness and competitiveness by orienting participants towards customer relationship management and appreciation for the customer.

Quality customer consciousness, developing the right communication skills with customer are some of the skill sets that are essential & desired to be inculcated in the participants by using training to enhance motivation and performance. The overall objective of this programme is a whole organizational approach to delivering excellent service to customers.

The Program is addressing the critical questions:

  • How do the participants deliver on the promise to the customer
  • Identifying behaviors supporting and destroying the Service Promise while interacting with the customer & learning concrete behaviours that would display and demonstrate these dimensions.


  • Create a more customer-centred organization by creating a more responsible professional attitude that inspires participants to take ownership of customer needs
  • Enhance the image of the organization in customers’ mind by providing superior customer service
  • Development of a customer focused shared vision towards the company

Proposed below are the key learning objectives & concept deliverables of the CRM training course customized to the needs of the organization’s Customer Service & based on understanding of expectations.

Learning Objectives –

  • Sensitize participants, improve confidence on Customer Service by building a positive attitude and overcoming mind blocks
  • To work as a unified team to solve customer needs, and to go the extra mile to create satisfied customers for life.
  • Develop new and empowering habits and replace existing habits that limit positive customer experiences.
  • Ability to connect to the customers and create a long lasting positive impact on the customers.
  • Set Personal Development Objectives.


The group will achieve the above goals by learning behaviors through the following combination of modules targeted at development of skills and attitudes that will enable the participants to deliver the service promise.


  • Why Customer Relationship Management? Introduction – Expectation
  • Internal and External customers
  • Why Service is so important?
  • Difference between what and how of service
  • Importance of knowing customer expectations and perception of service.
  • Evaluating our attitudes towards customers, developing a customer-focused attitude towards customers
  • Understanding the concept of Customer Lifetime Value
  • Customer Acquisition Vs Retention
  • Loyalty Building Strategies
  • Importance of repeat business, loss company suffers through a silent complainer
  • Overcome the barriers of effective communication with customers & work in co-operative modes to develop customer relations
  • Building rapport & pacing with customers,
  • Know how to understand their customers' points of view by utilizing active listening skills
  • Learning techniques to handle customer complaints and strategies for service recovery
  • Sins of customer service
  • Setting Customer Service Standards
  • Exploring options to facilitate excellence in service / building personal service excellence
  • Developing Customer or Client Relations, looking for opportunities to add value to the relationship with the customer
  • Have greater sense of integrity in all transaction with the customers
  • Working towards selecting values and laying down ground-rules towards service excellence
  • Charting out implementation plans to create a commitment to service excellence
  • Services=PRACTICE


This workshop is designed to be basic, clear and easily understandable with Questionnaires, Slides Presentations, Insightful stories & Case studies with Open and Group Discussions around the result areas for improving the customer service skills, attitudes & behaviour of the participants.

The workshop is interactive high on involvement, and reality based using experiential based simulation from business environment, management games and role-plays to help participants understand.

Development is achieved through a series of practical and interactive exercises that impart general knowledge and skills relevant to a wide range of customer service working situations. Individual development activities from one to one conversation, to small/ larger group interactions, are practiced and enhanced. Experiences are shared; real life working issues are explored. The program can be a mix of outside, activities & classroom environment.

Core Excellence methodology helps participants master the customer service skills they need in order to work effectively. It targets the development of improved communication, teamwork and builds confidence in specific customer service situations for improved initiative, & decision-making.

Learning Approach:

The programme considers all the above areas from perspective of increased awareness of the needs of customers – understanding what customers want from their relationships with you.


Core Excellence successful customer service programmes have thorough debriefings that link back to the workplace & cover issues such as:

  • Responsibility: taking responsibility of the customer & responsibility allocation:
  • Communication with customers: what the problems are and how to improve it;
  • Competition: identifying what the competition is and clarifying assumptions;
  • Stress: recognize and manage reactions to negative stress generated by difficult customer service situations;


To develop a Continued Achievable personal Skills Growth Plan - The program is designed to create a master action plan, which would enable participants to implement the learning of the program in their profession for improvement


Rich Learning Experience - Participants will acquire strength and gain confidence – first in managing their own behaviours, then in managing customer transactions for a consistently successful outcome.


Customer Relationship Management – Participant Take Away. The participants on successful completion of the project will:

  • Demonstrate higher levels of optimism and energy and action orientation in delighting the customer
  • Demonstrate higher level of commitment towards work, customers and meeting deadlines.
  • Greater sense of ownership, responsibility and accountability for customer
  • Increase in Communication, Cooperation & Coordination with customers
  • Create a transparent and an open organization to understand the customer queries and solve them on time.
  • Value and respect customers and the organization by fostering an environment that facilitates excellence in customer service
  • Understand how to provide the components of high-quality customer service: Courtesy, caring, flexibility, problem resolution, and recovery.
  • Maintain a high level of respect for the diversity of each customer, and treat each customer as an individual.
  • Greet customers with warmth and enthusiasm.
  • Empathize with a customer’s feelings and show interest in what interests the customer.
  • Identify emotions that customers should experience in line with the service promise & behaviours that would generate above-mentioned emotions in customers.
  • Willingly take personal responsibility for applying new skills and abilities in the work environment.
  • Develop a continued Achievable Personal Effectiveness Growth Plan

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