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Introduction - Conflict is the Stuff of Life

All of us have had a conflict and wished we could have handled it better. Conflict comes about from differences - in needs, values and motivations. Sometimes through these differences we complement each other, but sometimes we will conflict. Conflict is not a problem in itself - it is what we do with it.

It is important that we do something because whether we like it or not, conflicts demand our energy. In fact, an unresolved conflict can call on tremendous amounts of our attention. We all know how exhausting an unresolved conflict can be. It is not always easy to fix the problem but a great energy boost can come when we do. Resolving conflict requires skills.

What are Conflict Resolution Skills?

They are the skills that enable us to bypass personal differences and to open up to possibilities. The skills of Conflict Resolution draw us closer to other people, as we jointly search for fair solutions and balanced needs. It involves a powerful shift from adversaries to co-operative partners for each person benefits.

Conflict Resolution Skills Create Better Work Climates and More Fulfilling Relationships

For the organizational manager, skillful conflict-handling is an important managerial tool. Conflict can be seen as an opportunity for learning more about the company - its bottle-necks and inefficiencies, as well as its areas of expertise. The learning potential of conflict often goes unrecognized when staff and management react with "fight" or "flight". "Flow", the third way, requires Conflict Resolution skills.

These skills are also the tools for building friendship and intimacy. A whole new level of trust develops as people learn "we can work it out". Relationships become more fulfilling and supporting

Conflict Resolution Skills

Conflict Resolution resources and training are based on 12 skills which may be relevant to solving any conflict appropriate to a particular issue or crisis.

1. The Win/Win Approach
Identifying attitude shifts to respect all parties' needs.

2. Creative Responses
Transforming problems into creative opportunities.

3. Empathy
Developing communication tools to build rapport. Using listening to clarify understanding.

4. Appropriate Assertiveness
Applying strategies to attack the problem not the person.

5. Cooperative Power
Eliminating "power over" to build "power with" others.

6. Managing Emotions
Expressing fear, anger, hurt and frustration wisely to effect change
7. Willingness to Resolve
Identifying personal issues that cloud the picture.

8. Mapping a Conflict Situation
Defining the issues needed to chart common needs and concerns

9. Development of Options
Designing creative solutions together.

10. Negotiation
Planning and applying effective strategies to reach agreement.

11. Mediation
Helping conflicting parties to move towards solutions.

12. Broadening Perspectives
Evaluating the problem in its broader context.

Conflict Resolution skills teach the psychology of effective communication. The conflict-resolving manager helps build an effective system. The effective individuals builds friendships and intimacy around them - vital components in communication.

Workshop Description:

This workshop uses written exercises, lecture, small and large group discussion, demonstration and practice, with opportunities to think, write and discuss pressing workplace conflicts in a safe and good-humored environment. Reproducible handouts with exercises and bibliography will help spread the word back at workplace or help others to resolve their own workplace conflicts successfully.

Participants in this workshop learn how to:

  • Feel calm, interested and confident in a variety of difficult situations.
  • Analyze emotional situations rationally.
  • Unstick people from their unhappy pasts.
  • Say the right thing at the right time in order to defuse hostile feelings.
  • Coach staff and colleagues to do better problem solving.
  • Improve productivity and morale.
  • Know when and how they are the problem!

Participants will leave this course feeling more resourceful, prepared with specific techniques that they can implement immediately to manage and resolve existing conflicts with customers, staff and administrators.

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