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Senior executives and their teams have the highest impact on an organization, and often do not take the time to assess and address personal development issues. Senior management must spend time aligning individual strengths and weaknesses with the overall organization strategy.

These Individual Coaching programs are designed for Executive Leadership that has high IQ, and brilliant skills, but need to enhance identified Skills to increase overall personal & professional effectiveness.

This coaching / training program recognizes the high value and impact that individual executives have on themselves, their teams and the organization. Optimizing skill sets in a safe and confidential learning environment is a huge benefit. Successful alignment and integration of differing styles are coached & trained to support the executive to improve performance in targeted areas.

The program proposes:
  • Focus on the self-awareness, self-management, and gaining skills & competencies
  • The coaching assessment which includes pre-interviews to identify belief systems, blind spots, obstacles & the most important areas for development.
  • Goal Setting and Action Plans
  • Individual Coaching / Training Sessions which include pre-interviews, goal setting, periodic reviews and follow-up.

The following steps describe above objectives & methodology to allow these senior executive leadership training & coaching program to be effective, customized & time saving:

1. The Assessment Portion of the Program

a. Pre-Interviews

Through one-on-one interviews, data is collected from individual regarding his or her perceptions of the needs, challenges and related issues. Verbal feedback from interviews adds the real life examples necessary to understand the dynamics that are impeding optimal effects. All information collected will be pulled together to create themes for individual development.

 2. Goal Setting and Action Plans

Feedback from the initial interviews will be evaluated together to identify professional development areas that require the greatest emphasis.

Goals are co-authored with the individual to create a customized course of action toward goal attainment.

3. Individual /Group Coaching sessions

Depending on the outcomes of the Pre Interviews individual will be put on an on-going support that will be one-on-one. Individual / Group coaching sessions commence after an understanding of development needs has been established.

Respect for individual, confidentiality, and improved performance on identified development goals are key values that will drive the overall program results. Individual Coaching will be utilized to build awareness of blind spots and belief systems, which may be the root cause of these development issues. Transforming these issues enables behavioral change to take place. The individual is encouraged to practice knowledge & skills learnt; advertising changes in behavior and openly discussing goals quickly allows perceptions to shift in the goal targeted areas.

A simple six step process when coaching executives will be utilized –

  • Identifying development areas and their impact on self
  • Translating development areas into performance goals
  • Initiating the coaching action plan
  • Tracking progress towards goals
  • Coaching the participant to advertise improved performance to shift perceptions quickly
  • Recognizing and reward goal achievement

The executive coaching / training phase may use a variety of methods, including didactic presentations, books, discussions, case studies, analysis of real-world examples, role playing, observations of "stars" in action, work adjustment counseling, & mentors etc.. Whatever methods are used, the coach will encourage participants to practice their new skills frequently over a long period of time and to apply them in different ways in new situations. In fact, the coach will often help participants find opportunities to apply the skills they have learned.

Promoting persistence will an important part of the coaching process. The coach will help participants to "stay motivated when they hit plateaus" The coach will also "support participants so that they feel comfortable enough with risk-taking along with helping them “identify and anticipate specific situations in which old, ineffective habits are most likely to crop up"

6. Final Review - A final review of the coaching program with the participant

7. Tracking and Follow-Up – (additional &/or optional) to be discussed & planned after the final review

The maintenance and support phase of the coaching program involves periodic contacts and review sessions as needed to help participants maintain their changes over time. Regular follow up is necessary to keep the executive team member on track with his/her goals. We’ll continue to push action items toward ever increasing difficulty, and goal attainment in the targeted areas. Leadership development is an active process that continues to shift and change as the Senior Executives evolve with improved leadership skills and competencies..

Follow-up sessions will include:

  • Ever increasing intensity and focus on goals and actions
  • A customized course of action based on the individual and/or team goals
  • Skill development as identified in the original interviews


The coach will facilitate in the preparation of the individual action plans of the participant where by the learning is broken down into activities that the participant will perform when he/she gets back to his/her workplace. This aids in the learning being implemented in the daily work schedules.


Participant will leave the sessions feeling more resourceful, prepared with specific techniques that he can implement immediately to manage and resolve or help others to resolve their own workplace issues successfully. He will

  • Take initiative in continuously improving knowledge
  • Operate out of more awareness, ownership, responsibility & accountability towards their issues

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