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Introduction - The work challenges require various business skills that are not taught in many institutions today. Campus to corporate builds the confidence in the youngster to face his/her first customer, interact with the boss and their colleagues,  present himself & his work  and develop habits that would make him/her proactive. Life skills and business skills are seamlessly woven into the program that softens the landing into the challenging corporate world. This pro-gram can be customized to suit the needs of the organization/institution.

Objective: The programme seeks to develop new joinees by providing the right attitudinal & behavioral inputs through interactive sessions. It is a confidence building workshop, focused on the development of a positive self image, intra & inter-personal intelligence.

  1. Preparing new joinees from Campus to Corporate Jobs transition
  2. To help new joinees improve their communication skills
  3. To bring positive changes in the attitudinal & behavior of the participants
  4. To impart career specific practical inputs along with personality development.

The workshops will be the right mix of “hosh” and “josh”. It is ensured that the participants are exposed to the concepts of corporate world. They will have practical ways to implement the concepts, immediately on their return to their respective work front.

Contents: This entire workshop is centered around explanation of various skills required for the corporate world. Workshop will be facilitated with the help of activities and games which will make the learning experience fun, memorable, and easy to understand.

1. The 5C’s – Company, Colleagues, Customers, Competition, and Communication

Corporate Etiquette, Personal Grooming & Minding manners –

  • Not forgetting what one learnt as a child, “Please” and “thank you” are still be the magic words, so is always knocking before entering, answering the telephone politely

3. Communication loop – How to communicate properly with Superiors and colleagues

  • LISTEN—LISTEN—LISTEN...and OBSERVE, before suggesting changes
  • Not hesitating to ask questions.
  • Learning to acknowledge and summarize discussions
  • Effective Body Language - Making 55% of Communication (Non verbal) work for you.

4. Understanding the Power & Benefits of Teamwork, Trust & Helping each other to grow.

  • They will learn that teamwork is a organizational reality in today’s corporate world
  • Understand the team-work-profit chain
  • Team relationship behaviors – cooperation, concern, commitment and service.

Methodology: Presentation, discussions, participative exercises, role-plays, videos etc.
Participants will be open, motivated with positive &” take charge” attitude.

Career Skills Training for Students

Core Excellence’ Skills Training & Career Coaching provides specialized career training for technical. management colleges, universities and leading educational institutions. Trained professionals provide guided programs to raise the level of proficiency, professionalism and effectiveness within the institution, the student body or the continuing education community. It provides customized training tailored to meet the rigor of diploma and/or degree programs to ensure graduating students or continuing education students are equipped to enter the workforce with competitive real-world competencies.

Core Excellence’ Skills Training & Career Coaching provides interactive coaching and skills training workshops that revolutionizes the way students think about and deal with their prospective employers. It teaches students how to plan, design, and interact with their prospective employers for an effective interview & job experience that leads to an increase in the value of job prospects and tangible improvement in placement results.

Core Excellence can provide customized training and practical hands-on workshops to meet your institution’s student body’s career training needs.

Core Excellence provides a wide range of training, education, assessments, and consulting products and services to help institutions improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their student body.

The professionals Associates of Core Excellence’ Skills Training & Career Coaching have the Experience (know-how), Credibility (trust & reliability) and Knowledge (best practice discipline) to provide you with unbiased recommendations and guidance on possible transitional and transformation steps & advice on the best course of action to take.


To provide the highest value, most competitively priced, quality-driven Training, Education and Consulting by bringing unbiased professionalism to the industry across India.


We take great pride in our people, our knowledge, and the work we do. We ensure that transference of knowledge, skills and hands-on know-how takes place during our training sessions.


You can feel confident that guidance and actions for students is in the hands of experienced and qualified professionals.


With practical knowledge and experience in dealing with real career problems and challenges, Core Excellence’ Skills Training & Career Coaching can work with you to design, develop and implement real-world coaching & training solutions to improve efficiency and effectiveness of your students & deliver tangible, measurable results.

We believe that you, the customer must be in charge of your needs, and in every case, must be free to exercise a choice predicated on your willingness to pay for the quality and calibre of a training solution.

PPT - Pre Placement Trainings
Participant Profile – Final Year Undergraduate/Post Graduate Students

  • Writing an effective resume & cover letter - How to write a resume and cover letter - tips and templates - examples, formats, samples
  • Grooming & Etiquette
  • Group Discussions
  • Interview facing Skills (including Telephone Interview) - to equip the students with the questions & the skills required to handle interviews, job interviews tips and techniques, sample interview questions and answers etc.
  • Filling up the application form
  • ‘Learning by Doing’ through the usage of laptops, LCD and modern presentation.
  • Mock group discussions
  • Mock interviews & role plays
  • Video coverage / video replays and on the spot assessment (additional costs)
  • Practical inputs
  • Relating their college learning experiences to the job duties they are expected to perform in industry
  • Case Studies
  • Management Games
  • Techniques & Chargers
  • Group Dynamics
  • Exercises, participative & interactive discussions

Tangible - Course Material including GD topics & interview questions for practice

Intangible – Knowledge, Various tips, Pointers, Ideas, Thoughts to ponder, do’s and don’ts

As one the leading training companies in India it has organized many campus to corporate training programs in Delhi NCR i.e. Gurgaon , Noida , Greater Noida , Ghaziabad , Manesar , Faridabad and cities like Mumbai , Pune , Ahmedabad in West India, Banagalore , Chennai & Hyderabad in South India , Kolkatta in East besides cities of North India like Chandigarh , Jaipur , Lucknow , Internationally several client organizations have been catered in Kabul in Afghanistan & Kathmandu in Nepal.